Be the Change

I sit on the steering committee for our local green group, Sustsainable Sudbury.  At our our committee meeting tonight, we drifted off subject to just general discussion about various things we are doing in our own lives to be green.  Mostly it’s practical stuff that people have done – plugging up draft holes, getting a water barrel, switching to non-chemical lawn treatments, that sort of thing.  But out of the discussion came a great quote which I’d like to share as it just about summed up so much of what needs to happen to move this country forward on the green path.  “It’s amazing what you can do for free if you just know you need to do it.” I guess the point is that there’s so much all of us can do and even would do, but for a lot of people, they still need to be shown the way.

That’s it: short post, just liked the quote and the thoughts it evokes.


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