A crazy birthday card

TealGreen sister-in-law lives in Australia, a LONG way away from east coast USA.  So mostly we correspond through Facebook, email and Skype.  But as we’re both past the age of 39 and remember a time when it was telephones and snail mail, we still exchange actual paper birthday cards, with a  stamp and everything.

What, you may ask, has this got to do with all things green?  Well, April is my birthday month, so as the date approached, I waited in anticipation for the 4 whole cards I knew would arrive (my mom, my mother-in-law, my dad, and my sister-in-law from Oz).  And they did.  And I smiled as I opened the envelopes.  But the Aussie card made me really laugh.  Not that there was  joke or anything, but the note from my sister-in-law, expressing her eco-guilt.  The card, you see, had been designed in Australia.  Bravo, one thinks – keep it local and all that.  But a quick turn to the info on the back revealed that it had been printed in the UK and TG sister-in-law felt the pang of irony in sending me said card, knowing that I am attuned to all things green.

So what’s my take-away?  Well, very silly that we live in a world where such things happen.  [Note to self – investigate said company and get to the bottom of this silliness].  But on the up-side, the fact that she noticed in the first place.  And knows that I’m not a complete eco-freak…she sent the card anyway, and it was perfect.


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