Lorax Redux from Wired Magazine, March 2012, Rachel Zurer

Couldn’t find it online yet to link, so here’s the text. When it comes online, I’ll make the full link – the graphic is fab.

All the text below is straight from Wired:

A movie based on Dr. Suess’ famous 1971 eco-parable, The Lorax, is out in March,  The twist: a new romantic sub-plot to leaven all the hectoring about the evils of industrialization.  Yawn.  What they really needed to do was bring this Nixon-era save-the-earth story into the 21st century.  I mean, c’mon, Hollywood – clear-cutting Truffula trees releases “smogulous smoke”?!  Here’s how to juice this old Suess:

“Great to be here on Hardball,” the Lorax said drily.
“Chris, you’re so much more polite than that blowhard O’Reilly.
I am the Lorax, I speak for the climate
Which you have been warming, you pale hairless primates!
It’s anthropogenic, this crisis we’ve got!
The carbon you’re burning is making us hot!
This decade was warmerthan even the last!
Three eight five parts per million and going up fast!”

“Hush, Lorax!” said Once-ler
“You socialist fraud!
Only one guy makes climate,
and His name is God.
This cycle is natural, there’s no need to fret.
It’s your job-killing antics that’ll screw us up yet!
Those quote ‘greenhouse gases’ that have you all bent?
We’ve caused just a fraction – 0.28 percent!”

“You’re a fool!” yelled the Lorax, his anger now showing.
“Once this process speeds up, there’ll be no way of slowing.”
The tragic thing is, it turns out he was right;
too bad for us all that real facts don’t win fights.




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